Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easiest way to Sprout Grains and Beans

Sprouts. They are good for you!

There's a variety of reasons why sprouts come so highly recommended by holistic nutritionists. Raw foodists refer to them as "living foods"; others refer to their high content of vitamins and phytogens. Surfing the web, you find a variety of devices and contraptions made for sprouting. Or, you have to get jars and gauzes.

Really, all you need is a collander and a bowl.

1. Rinse the beans or grains, place them in a bowl and soak them in water for a night.
2. The next day, place the beans in the collander and strain all the water out. Rinse them with fresh water; then place the collander on the bowl. Repeat this twice a day for about two or three days.
3. Hurrah! Sprouts!
Works like a charm.


Anonymous said...

Do be careful with sprouts though, Hadar! Some are totally fine, but some have some rather bad natural carcinogens in them as well as the antioxidants. With some sprouts you can cook them out, but Alfalfa has some nasty stuff in it whether it's cooked or not. Certainly not anything to get worried about if you don't eat very much on a regular basis, but things like alfalfa extracts can be really dangerous. Sprouts are really tasty and crunchy though.. yum.

Hadar said...

Very true, and good comment, Eden. This round has azuki and mung beans, and they've all started showing their little tails. How fun!