Friday, January 26, 2007

Unusual Root Vegetable Dish

Here's what we had last night with the mashed potatoes. It's really tasty, and what's funny - it all turns pink, because of the beets, which makes it funny, too. Also - for the Jewish mothers in the crowd - full of minerals, and warming, in Chinese Medicine terminology.

2 large beets
2 large turnips
3 carrots
1 big broccoli stem
4 onion cloves
olive oil
1 cup vegetable broth
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 large handful each: dill, parsley, cilantro

Prep: chop beets, turnips, carrots and broccoli into 1-inch cubes. Heat up a wok with some olive oil in it. Chop up garlic cloves and add to the oil. Fry up until a nice smell fills the kitchen.
Then, add the vegetable cubes, fennel seeds, and handfuls of herbs. Shift them around in the work until they all absorb the heat and spices. Then, add broth, cover the wok, and cook for about half an hour, occasionally mixing.

Serve on top of mashed potatoes, or in a bowl as a sort of stew. Makes a nice addition to veggie burgers.


Linda said...

this sounds deliciously fresh. thanks for sharing!

Hadar said...

Thanks for stopping by, Linda! Love your blog - may veg cooking chicks rule the world!

Stiev said...

Hadar, this dish sounds wonderful. I was assigned to do a vegetable dish at this year's Seder, so finding your recipe was quite fortuitous. I do have 1 the list of ingredients, you have onion cloves shown, but in the actual instructions you show garlic cloves. Was this just a typo?